We all started as freshmeat!

2015 Summer Freshmeat Now Open

Freshmeat Summer 2015 is about to begin.  Sign up now by emailing freshmeat@tbayrollergirls.com. More information for new skaters can be found on out “Want to Play?” page. Next Info Session: July 22, 2015 7pm – 250 Park Avenue


Derby Techniques of Interest

Question: Why do the blockers skate the other way after they knock a jammer out of bounds? Then, why do they make that line behind everyone else? This play is an effective blocking technique so the jammer has to skate extra distance. The blockers skate the other way because they want to get behind the […]


Thunder Bay Roller Derby League does what?!

Here’s a little known fact about roller derby that, unless you’re directly involved within the sport, maybe you’ve never heard of this before: the entire league is run by volunteers. Woah. Everyone is a volunteer. It’s true. The league is so tightly run and organised that it seems people do this as their job. Nope. […]